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About Me


About Melissa

  I am an experienced Psychotherapist focusing on spiritual enfoldment. My expertise and wisdom have developed through 22 years as a psychotherapist and through my engagement as a Reiki Master and ​ teacher. My current focus is on energy work, spirituality & mentoring and exploration of energy fields via the Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) Camera.

I am one of two people in the USA who have been certified through GDV Source and KTI in Russia. ​ I am also a certified One Light Healing Touch practitioner and uses a variety of energetic and vibrational techniques including the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT; tapping) and Energy Psychology methods as I mentors people. It is my heart's desire to help others in their capacity to deepen their Spiritual connection and manage living healthily on planet Earth.

I work with a Gas Discharge Visualization (Kirlian) Camera to help see the areas of personhood that are strong and functioning well, and areas that may need attention.  GDV Analysis measures the strength of organ systems, as well as levels of stress in the body, via digital photography.  This highly sensitive Kirilian camera provides information about the physical, emotional, and spiritual state.   With this information the participant has the ability to influence their health directly and effectively.  

I have traveled to several continents utilizing the GDV camera to document the effects of meditation on the human biofield.  I am also proficient with the use of the Sputnik antenna which works in conjunction with the GDV camera to capture images of the energy field in an event space. This research has demonstrated the validity of ​the positive and beneficial effects of mediation and other energetic modalities

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