GDV / Kirlian Photography

Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) Camera


Kirlian Photography!  The GDV camera is a digitized Kirilian camera.  10 microvolts of electricity is brought to the bottom of the glass, as an image is captured.  This electric impulse helps create a photon cloud around, either a finger, or test object. That image is then processed and evaluated.

Testing Individuals


The GDV Camera captures and analyzes over 50 parameters using a proprietary software suite to measure and chart your personal results.  A simple photograph is taken of each of your fingertips.  Each finger has between 6 and 9 sectors that relate to specific areas of the body. The images are translated into data and then displayed using clear images and descriptions.  All of the programs use the images from the energetic emissions of your biofield taken from each of the 10 fingertips.  

Testing the Energy of a Space


When taking energy measurements of any space, whether it be an event space or a home, a test object is placed on the camera. The Sputnik antenna is plugged into the camera and images are taken at specific intervals.  The data captured is compared to baseline data.  One can see if the energy in a space is affected by an array of interventions. Through my career working with this camera, I have provided results for meditation techniques, energetic tools, (ie., FLFE, Access Consciousness Bars, yoga) and basic home energies. 

For Individual testing

Your overall results are compiled via the GDV Software suite and charted to the respective area of the body to provide an overview of your total wellness. You will receive data on both your physical and emotional well being. (Unless your data is taken at specific events where the GDV is contracted to only measure the emotional field.)

I will assist you in interpreting your personal results and can save your profile to compare with subsequent scans. This can provide informative before and after data, allowing you to identify trends and align your overall wellness path to your specific needs.

The Information You Receive



 This program measures the overall emission strength in each of the general organ systems. The left side relates to the past and long-standing and subconscious issues. The right side relates to the present day. Ideally the emotional (without filter) and the physical (with filter) circles should be round and close together. 

Virtual Chakra


Alignment is shown by large spheres presenting down the center line of the image.  The size of the sphere indicates the level of energy with which the Chakra is operating with.  Smaller spheres indicate low energy in that center.  Spheres that are off to the left side of the image relate to societal priority where as spheres located off to the right side of the image indicate a more internal priority. 



The Energy fields show the collective measurements of the energy surrounding the fingertips as if they were physically located on the body.  The measurement “without filter” shows the emotional state of the person and “with filter” shows the physical state.  It is ideal if the emission appears even around the entire body.

Measuring the Energy in Your Home or Event Space

Sputnik the GDV Camera's Antenna

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