Intuitive Mind Body Mentoring

I keep thinking about what it is to be human; to live here on earth, managing gravity, oxygen, the moon and its pulls, not to mention people. Being on the planet can be challenging. Being and getting along with other people can be really challenging.  Think about it; no two people have the same vantage point, or perception of anything. We each come from our actual physical position. Literally where we stand when a conversation or an event happens. Then there is all we come to that position with. We usually call it our baggage. I think of it as our skin. So much of it is just who we are considering where, when, and by whom we were raised. Four kids in the same household can have four completely different views of what happened there. Each of our perceptions has to be different given our varying degrees and angles of sight, insight, etc.  How do we agree on anything? It's a true miracle! It is deep compassion, and a stretch toward willingness and Love that helps us not throttle each other. I think Integrity and Consciousness help quite a bit. But Love. Love is the magical ingredient that carries us towards our best selves. 

Let's dig in the dirt together. Let's find the connections between past experiences and the present manifestation so that the tricky little thread connecting That to Now can be cut. Then, Now can be free of That. Let's bring what is unconscious to consciousness. 

I am interested in teaching people how to manage being Human. How to have fun, to look at things differently and to reach toward a positive frame of mind. 

I teach a number of skills that are a big help. 

Let me accompany you on your journey. 

*My goal to accompany you is informed by 6 years of college and 22 years of professional practice; 39 years of parenting, and 60 years of being an earth dwelling human. And well, many years of continued and ongoing exploration into all manner of things that interest me.  (Nutrition, Quantum Physics, Spiritual tools & techniques, Meditation, Science, Photography, the Human Brain, Partnering with the Unseen and much more!)                                               

How to reach me

If anything you see on my different pages is of interest to you, go to my contact page and send me a note.  I work with people in person and video chat